Annual Report Photography and Portraiture

It's that time again — annual report time. If you are a designer, art director, marketing director, or development professional seeking to create a stronger impact this year while struggling to keep the message positive, join the club. Tough times demand innovation on a shoestring budget, often with fewer staff members. We hear this all the time, and it energizes us. Why? Because Boston Corporate Portraits can bring it. Yes, we just said bring it.

  • We efficiently and affordably bring a unique sense of style and flawless professionalism to your annual reports and corporate sustainability reports by photographing you at your convenience in studio or on location across the country.
  • We bring a compelling, vital communication vehicle directly to your investors' and donors' hands, whether you opt for a series of low-key, understated portraits, or a vibrant, glossy rollout of photos to launch a new identity campaign.
  • We bring quality portraits that combine business savvy with artistic grace through our use of the latest post-production techniques such as retouching, enhancement, and compositing.

At Boston Corporate Portraits, we're inspired by the annual report challenge. Before we ever set up a shoot, we ask you who your target audience is and what you would like to say to say to them — and we listen. As experienced professional photographers, we work with you to best express your marketing messages visually.

Thoughtful, well-conceived portraits of real people — the backbone of your organization — can shed new light and bring new life to the your company's identity and public persona. We can help you reinvent or simply clarify your visual identity with unique corporate headshots, group portraits, hands-on action photos, and transformative perspectives that focus and ground your corporate message or nonprofit mission.

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If investors read one of your publications this year from cover to cover looking for reasons to stay or go, it will be your annual report they consult. The emotions and perceptions that annual reports inspire lock-in their readers' perceptions. No other communication can, and should, communicate your total identity with this level of efficiency — the cold, hard facts as well as the unique qualities of your organization and the dynamic people within it. It is imperative that you don't take chances with this vehicle — the flawless, professional photography of Boston Corporate Portraits is a must.