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What does having the right image mean? Simply put — everything! Having the right look and the right headshot in your annual report, website, advertisement, press release, or corporate brochure can communicate volumes about your business identity. Through imagery, we can motivate, inspire, impress, and communicate confidence and teamwork. It is imperative that you frame yourself and your executive team in the best light, delivering a razor-sharp corporate message that leaves nothing up to chance.

Don't skimp on your first impression. What your clients see — its emotional impact — is what they will remember. You want them to come away with a sense of confidence in your ability and to act upon it. You want to communicate a strong, professional demeanor as well as a sophisticated, unique style. At Boston Corporate Portraits, we are experienced professionals in the area of corporate visual presentation. We can advise you on how to best dress for your portraits as well as recommend subtle, yet dramatic, retouching options that help your photos speak for you. Subtle variations can brighten your look, take years off your appearance, or even communicate a brighter, more innovative business environment.

We invite you to ask about retouching options and to view the photos below in their before and after versions. Ask yourself how each portrait makes you, the viewer, feel. Based on what you see below, we are sure that you will put your image in our hands.

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